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The global market for fruit and vegetable seeds, worth US$8.8 billion in 2016, is projected to exceed $14.0 billion by 2022.

There are many factors at play in the global vegetable seed market today, such as population growth, changing diets and consumer demand and decreasing land availability; all of those factors meaning that essentially more needs to be produced from less and growers are demanding seeds that provide high yield, even when growing conditions aren’t ideal.

When Abundant Produce was established, their main objective was to respond to this need and to create varieties that would perform well when faced with limited water supplies, temperature extremes and poor soils and have succeeded in producing high yields of A-grade vegetables whereas most commercial seeds continue to suffer in these less than favourable conditions.

This allows growers to reduce costs within existing operations and to expand production by exploiting land that may not be commercially viable using traditional horticultural varieties, particularly in arid parts of Asia, the Middle East and Australia.

Exploring the development of these varieties, Abundant Seeds breeds plants which focus on flavour and high yield for seed sales for the food market, along with breeding and growing ‘high active’ plants for Abundant Natural Heath’s skincare line.

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The Abundant Seeds Executive Team

Tony Crimmins

Executive Director

Tony Crimmins has an impressive background in business acquisition and technology commercialisation, having listed 18 companies, both technological and mining and IPO and Reverse Takeover.


His involvement with agriculture dates back to his consulting work with GRDC (Grains Research and Development Corporation) where he worked to commercialise wheat/canola/barley breeds and he has been involved with Abundant Produce – on the Board and as CEO – since its inception nearly seven years ago.


Passionate about technology and science, Tony’s focus is to create shareholder return by developing profitable and unique opportunities for Abundant Produce, both in the vegetable seed and skin care businesses.

Sarah Pearson

Sales & Operations Manager

Sarah has seven years of experience in the agricultural sector in Australia and was responsible for the administration and logistics of a large Australian independently owned cotton producer and processor, in her previous role before joining Abundant Produce in 2017.

With a passion for Australian agriculture and supporting Australian farmers, Sarah’s role at Abundant Produce is to get their varieties of seeds into commercial distribution; securing long term relationships with growers and distributers globally to build the Abundant Seeds brand in to one that is synonymous with innovation.

Dr Nabil Ahmad

Chief Research Scientist

Dr Nabil Ahmad is an internationally experienced agricultural research coordinator.

Since July 2011, Nabil has been employed by the University of Sydney as a research fellow with an interest in drought and salt tolerance in cucumber and tomato and enhancing the flavour in F1 Tomato varieties.

Leading the plant breeding program at Abundant Seeds, he is responsible for the research, development and breeding of their vegetable varieties, management of the current crop and further research into new varieties.

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