ASX Announcement – Sep 2018 Quarterly Review

Abundant Produce released our September 2018 Quarterly Review and 4C form to the market today. 


Channel 7 Interviews Tony Crimmins

The majority of fruit and vegetables grown in Australia comes from seeds produced by two seed companies (based in the U.S and Germany). Watch Channel 7’s interview with Tony Crimmins about how Abundant is breaking the mould, breeding seeds for high yield and flavour, bred and grown here in Australia. Watch it here.


Abundant pursues social media stardom

The State and Federal Governments are recognising ABT’s innovative work through the TechVoucher and Boosting Business Innovation Program as well as Innovation Connections, which have helped us accelerate our research and scale up both locally and internationally Read the article from Stockhead.


Tomato face cream for healthy skin

Nature knows best according to a blossoming research collaboration between UNSW Chemical Engineering and ASX-listed Abundant Produce.

What do tomatoes have to offer the maintenance of smooth well-hydrated skin?


Behind the Scenes with Sarah Pearson

Meet Sarah Pearson, our Sales & Operations Manager, one of the newest recruits here at Abundant Seeds and a rising star who epitomises everything that we stand for; a passion for Australian agriculture and supporting Australian farmers in the role that they play in the global community.


Q&A with Graham Brown, Abundant’s Research Manager – Abundant’s origins in science

I understand that you founded Abundant Produce around five years ago, but your career in plant science and breeding started some time before that? Graham Brown: Oh yes, quite some time. I joined Sydney University’s Plant Breeding Institute in 1973, helping survey cereal rust pathogenicity – the ability of a type of fungus to damage cereal […]


Q&A with UNSW Sydney Associate Professor, Frank Lucien – Supercritical fluid Extraction of organic nutrients

QA: You’ve been developing processes to extract organic nutrients for Abundant Natural Health cosmetic products. Before we talk about those challenges and your solutions though, can you give us a brief background for yourself?  You’ve been publishing research papers about supercritical fluids since the early 1990s. Frank Lucien: That’s right. I did my undergrad here […]


Q&A with Abundant’s Chief Operating Officer, Adam Hajek – Investigations in Chile

QA: We understand you’re just back from Chile. Can you tell us what the trip was about? Adam Hajek: We went to investigate seed production. We want to be able to offer customers commercial quantities of our seeds in the shortest possible timeframe, and with a cost structure that enhances our competitiveness. QA: So you […]


Q&A with Abundant’s Chief Research Scientist, Dr Nabil Ahmad – The importance of plant structure

QA: Can you explain the importance of plant structure to breeders and growers?  Nabil Ahmad: The performance of a plant will depend on the interaction between the plant’s genetics and the environment it is growing in, so there is no such thing as an optimal species for all situations. For example open field tomatoes need […]


Q&A with Abundant’s Chief Research Scientist, Dr Nabil Ahmad – The art and science of plant breeding

QA: Is modern plant breeding an art or a science? Nabil Ahmad: The objective of any plant breeding program is to develop varieties which are superior in some way, whether in yield, fruit characteristics, hardiness or nutritional value. The plant breeder must be equipped with the skills to make use of the natural variability found […]


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