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Scalable Business Model

Seed IP is sold to growers and distributors so that they can either grow their own crops using the Seed IP, or use the seed as one parent for co-hybrid breeding with their own seeds with Abundant Produce retaining ownership of the jointly developed plant IP and earning royalties from the sale of hybrid seeds.

Worldwide distribution is generally contracted to major international distributors allowing Abundant Produce to focus on its core competencies – research and plant breeding – and their pipeline of research and development projects, with the company maintaining close ties with Australian and New Zealand growers and the specific challenges that they face.

With this highly scalable business model the company therefore offers investors upside exposure to international food markets without the weather-related risks associated with agricultural production.

Australian Owned and Made

Australia sets the standards on the global agricultural stage; industry developments are often driven by producers at farm level getting a better result in terms of decreased chemical application, working cleaner and producing higher quality products and improved yields in often harsher conditions making our seeds in high demand. Using tomatoes as an example and with the Australian tomato market becoming increasingly competitive, with more and more varieties and suppliers looking to enter the sector, our seed varieties offer growers and consumers a number of competitive advantages. Ask any supermarket customer about tomatoes and the number one complaint is flavour. We’ve really focussed on both sweet and savoury flavours in our breeding, and we’re really excited to bring the results of that work to market.

For growers, we also offer high yielding varieties that perform well, even when growing conditions are less than ideal. Many commercial varieties fail to fruit set if the plants are heat-stressed or not subjected to mechanical vibration to dislodge pollen. We’ve focussed on creating varieties that can fruit set under high temperatures and without vibration, both to improve yields and lower production costs.

Collaboration and Innovation

Working with the University of Sydney, Abundant Seeds takes advantage of new research in molecular biology, plant pathology, agronomy and chemistry to create these novel varieties of high-value food crops and seeds for the global agricultural industry.

Our greenhouses are located at the Plant Breeding Institute at Cobbitty. We began our breeding programs focussing on cucumber and tomato and for several years now we have also been breeding eggplant, capsicum and zucchini, with a more recent focus on breeding carrot, peas and celery.

One of the great advantages of being located at PBI is that it gives us easy access to some of the world’s best researchers and highly advanced research facilities, giving us competitive advantage and allowing us to stay at the forefront of this evolving industry.

Agility and Creativity

Abundant Seeds continues to innovate in their field by experimentation, leveraging the flexibility of their business model to create unique varieties in response to the demands of their customers. Chief Research Scientist Dr Nabil Ahmad has a passion for world food shortage which he now leverages in his role at Abundant Seeds, focusing on the amount of water in plants and stressing plants by placing them under hot and cold conditions to develop strains that can survive.

Due to our cross breeding over the years, we are in a position to offer plants with unique attributes to respond to customers’ specific needs or the conditions of a region.

We can essentially come up with more seeds more often.

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