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Abundant Produce has big debut on ASX – The Weekly Times

Vegetable seed company Abundant Produce Ltd commenced trading on the ASX today at 45 cents but rose to 54 cents during this morning’s trade. The shares have now settled back to 50 cents, an 11 per cent premium to the listing price. But the latest trade is well above Abundant Produce’s issue price of 20 […]


A quick Q&A with CEO Tony Crimmins about cutecumbers

…”Cutecumbers”… QA: I understand that Abundant Produce is selling seeds direct to the public, online from today?  Tony Crimmins: That’s right. We’re starting with Cutecumbers, and we’ll be rolling out more over time. QA: What exactly is a Cutecumber? Tony Crimmins: A Cutecumber is a cucumber but smaller and tastier. It’s snack sized, around 8cm long, so it’s perfect […]


Australian vegetable seed company Abundant Produce Limited goes public-Seed Quest

Just five years after its establishment in partnership with The University of Sydney’s Plant Breeding Institute (PBI) at Cobbitty in Western Sydney, Abundant Produce has begun selling seed to a number of international partners. The resulting crops have demonstrated impressive results in terms of yield and tolerance to adverse growing conditions. Abundant Produce has now […]


Restoring flavour to tomatoes with heirloom help – ABC Rural

Australian consumers have long complained that shop-bought tomatoes have lost their flavour. Now plant breeders are trying to recover the real ‘essence of tomato’ from heirloom varieties. With multi-million-dollar backing from private investors Abundant Produce, Sydney University’s Dr Nabil Ahmad is delving into heirloom tomatoes. Read more with ABC Rural.


It’s all in the genes: Why some tomatoes taste better than others -Goodfood

Eating a home-grown heirloom tomato is one of life’s simple pleasures. Sun-ripened and perhaps a little odd-looking, the humble heirloom tomato has one big win over commercial varieties, and that’s their flavour. Check out the full blog from Good Food. 


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