Our company

We create shareholder value through a deep-rooted connection between our seeds and health businesses, and via their inherent sharing of innovation and intellectual property to deliver multiple revenue streams from diverse international markets.

Abundant Produce is Australia’s only ASX listed (ABT) hybrid plant breeder, dedicated to translating Australia’s world class agri-science research into commercially valuable intellectual property.

Abundant Produce set out to drive change and create seeds of the future, growing tomatoes twice as sweet as previously available and vegetables with better taste and quality… on plants capable of flourishing in Australia’s harsh conditions.

Focused on the development and commercialisation of new varieties of high-value food crops, particularly greenhouse vegetables such as cucumbers and tomatoes, and selecting breeding lines developed by scientists at the University of Sydney, Abundant creates more vigorous, disease resistant, temperature tolerant plants which produce fruits and vegetables with superior flavour, confident they will provide commercial and competitive advantages in a global landscape that will continue to be impacted by climate change.

Plant IP

In a unique collaboration between two of Australia’s senior research institutions, the University of Sydney and UNSW, Abundant Produce takes advantage of new research in molecular biology, plant pathology, agronomy and chemistry to create high-value food crops for global horticultural markets and botanically active extracts for booming international cosmetic and nutraceutical markets.

Consumers are increasingly aware that many of the efficiencies achieved in growing increased volumes of food over recent decades have come at the cost of nutritional value and in parallel, growing awareness of the efficacy of natural ingredients is making natural products the fastest growing segment in the personal care market.

As a plant IP technologist, Abundant distills Australian intellectual property into seeds which are sold through Abundant Seeds Pty Ltd to growers and distributors, opening up new countries to horticultural production and helping them to meet a burgeoning world demand for healthy, fresh fruits and vegetables; and into potent extracts which are incorporated into an innovative skincare line sold through Abundant Natural Health.

Australian Owned, Grown and Made

Australia is a global agricultural leader, producing high yields in harsh conditions with products held to a high standard in terms of quality, processes and produce.

Abundant Produce’s mantra is ‘Better growth for Australian Farmers’. 

As Abundant Produce’s CEO Tony Crimmins outlines, “We’re the only Australian plant breeder which stands us apart from the rest; we’re flexible, agile, and can experiment and make the mistakes on Australian soil that are applicable globally. We know that if we can make it work in Australia that we can make it work anywhere and that’s the true value that we take to the global community. A business like ours hasn’t been seen for over a decade.”

Agility and Creativity

Abundant Produce breeds plants and seeds for better yield, disease resistance, temperature, tolerance, taste, texture, colour and shape … without artificial genetic modification.

They particularly focus on developing plants which produce high yields of premium quality vegetables in challenging conditions, such as temperature extremes, poor soil quality and limited water availability.

With a passion for innovation and creativity, Abundant Produce’s agility is its strength; breeders experiment continually, free to make mistakes and therefore create new shapes, colours and tastes very quickly.

Quality and Traceability

Whilst the market increasingly seeks premium quality and strong new flavours, there has also been a change in focus generating higher demand for ‘clean and green’ foods. All of Abundant Produce’s breeding is done free of genetic engineering, satisfying this evolving global trend.

Abundant Produce is also passionate about the traceability of its produce and offers transparency — from the research process right through to growing plants at the University of Sydney’s Plant Breeding Institute at Cobbitty in Western Sydney.

A Clear Commercial Focus

Abundant Produce, with its business model based around plant science, continues to pursue opportunities for innovation generated by the ongoing and highly successful collaboration with the Universities; relentlessly seeking the highest value add opportunities and outsourcing commodity production to maximise margins and shareholder value.