Environmental, Social and Governance


Through its operations, Abundant Produce aims to:

  • Reduce waste
  • Use only natural products
  • Limit use of alcohol in its products
  • Use recycled plastic or biodegradable packaging
  • Engage with suppliers who follow the reduce, reuse, recycle principles
  • Create vegetable that are suited to Australian conditions – tolerant to temperature, drought and disease


  • No testing of any products on animals
  • Donation of seeds to the Wogyala Garden Project
  • Donation of excess fruit to food/meal programs
  • Employees are encouraged to use public transport to and from work, and reimbursed for these travel costs


Aims to be an employer of choice by encouraging:

  • Diversity – of culture, background, gender, beliefs
  • Pay parity / leadership opportunities for women
  • Zero-tolerance for discrimination and bullying
  • Provision of support/allowances for employees in times of personal need