PSR Life Sciences Conference

Abundant’s CEO Tony Crimmins presented to the Pitt Street Research Life Sciences Conference on 28th November, describing his company’s strategy for developing, producing and selling a range of health and wellness products which provide effective therapeutic relief from muscle and joint pain, headaches and migraine, psoriasis and rosacea. View his presentation here:

March Quarter Report

Seed sales, which have been very low in March Quarters to date, were up 10-fold on March Quarter 2018 (and over 20-fold on March Quarter 2017). New trials commenced in Australia and the United States, and market penetration in Victoria is gaining traction. 

Implementation of Abundant Natural Health’s revised marketing strategy proceeded ahead of schedule in the March quarter with three domestic distribution agreements driving shelf placement in Australia, and the launch of the Chinese language website, together with associated social media.


  • Seed sales up 10-fold on March Quarter 2018, market penetration in Victoria gaining traction
  • New trials commencing in Australia and Canada
  • 300,000 ACL 516 cucumber seeds in inventory, ready for winter season sales
  • Storm damage urgent repairs completed, remaining damage being assessed by insurer
  • Storm damage R&D delays of approximately six months
  • Abundant Natural Health placement in 500 stores across Australia, targeting 2,000 stores over a 12 month period
  • Launch of Abundant Natural Health WeChat store, Chinese language website and associated Chinese media
  • Therapeutic Goods Administration approval of Magnesium Spray and a Magnesium Gel for pain relief
  • New product launch: Exfoliating Body Bar rich in magnesium, olive oil, goat’s milk and Jojoba beads
  • New salt lotion in development for psoriasis and eczema/dermatitis, more products in the pipeline

For more information, access the full quarterly report here.

ANH Extends Distribution

Abundant extends shelf presence through Symbion, a national wholesaler of healthcare services and products with over 3,500 retail pharmacy customers


  • Abundant Natural Health has secured agreement with leading Australian pharmacy wholesaler Symbion for its all natural, pain relieving magnesium products to be stocked and promoted in-store and online
  • Symbion is a national wholesaler of healthcare services and products with over 3,500 retail pharmacy customers across Australia.
  • Sales are expected to commence in the current quarter

Following an extensive marketing and testing campaign supported by ANH’s healthcare sales partner HealthOne, Abundant is pleased to announce a significant extension of its distribution capacity in the Australian pharmacy market.

ANH has secured agreement for its all natural, pain relieving magnesium products to be stocked and ranged in-store and online across the networks of Symbion Wholesale (part of the listed EBOS Group, ASX: EBO). 

From ten warehouses strategically located across Australia, Symbion Wholesale distributes to over 3,500 pharmacies including the Good Price, Terry White Chemmart, Blooms, and Ventura Health chains.

“This is another exciting milestone for Abundant Natural Health”, General Manager Shanan Birkin said. “It demonstrates the degree of interest in our range of high purity natural magnesium pain relief products and will serve to drive sales and brand awareness, both in Australia and overseas.

“Pharmacy and consumer acceptance of the Company’s Magnesium Gel and Magnesium Spray will also open the door for our expanding range of products, starting with an exfoliating body bar rich in magnesium, olive oil, goats milk and Jojoba beads which we plan to offer to the market in the very near future.”

December 2018 Quarterly Review

23 January 2019

Abundant Produce released our December 2018 Quarterly Review and 4C form to the market today. The key highlights from the Quarter’s activities were:

  • Strategic capital raising: 5 million fully paid ordinary shares at an issue price of 20c per share to raise $1 million.
  • The number of seeds ordered during the quarter was up 188% year-on-year.
  • Abundant Cucumbers receive strong feedback from growers in New South Wales and Victoria.
  • New grower trials commence in Queensland, Victoria and Ontario, Canada.
  • Production scaled up for popular cucumber varieties.
  • Tomatoes grown in commercial quantities for sales, trials and contract growers.
  • ANH’s presence at the inaugural China International Import Expo proves to be dramatically popular, prompting a revision of the business’s brand expansion strategies.
  • ANH’s product development focusses on extending the magnesium range from the two products currently available to six to eight by year end.
  • ANH conducts a major push to be distributed widely in pharmacies across Australia.
  • ANH’s board takes management of the critical Chinese market in-house.
  • ANH Magnesium range appears on shelves in pharmacies and gift shops which specialise in the Daigou trade.

For all the details download the full report.

Shelf presence in major Australian API pharmacy chains


  • Abundant gains acceptance for its skincare products to be stocked, ranged and promoted in-store and online through the networks of pharmacy operator and distributor Australian Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd (ASX: API)
  • Abundant and API to make ANH’s high-purity magnesium portfolio SKUs available to all pharmacies within API’s network, including Priceline Pharmacy, Soul Pattinson Chemist and Pharmacist Advice
  • First sales anticipated in H1 of CY19, with scope identified to broaden this distribution channel to cover ANH’s full range of nutraceutical products

Following an eleven-month marketing and testing campaign supported by HealthOne, ANH’s sales partner in the healthcare channel, the Company is pleased to announce a significant new distribution channel in the Australian pharmacy market.

ANH has gained acceptance for its magnesium products to be stocked and ranged in-store and online across the networks of Australian Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd (ASX: API).

API is a leading wholesale distributor to more than 2,000 pharmacies across Australia, and is the operator of Priceline Pharmacy (more than 460 stores across Australia), Soul Pattinson Chemist and Pharmacist Advice.

Abundant Natural Health’s company manager , Shanan Birkin, said:“We are delighted to have such a strong new partner in the pharmacy channel stock and sell our innovative skincare product range.

“Australian domestic acceptance is important to our business, not only for the sales, but also as a base of credibility and recognition through which we can grow sales in our targeted international markets.

“It is a credit to our products, packaging and marketing team for ANH to have received acceptance from API in this highly competitive market.”

The Company’s high-purity magnesium portfolio, which now includes our rebranded Magnesium Gel and Magnesium Spray will now become fully accessible to all pharmacies within API’s network.

The Company has identified scope to broaden this initial distribution to cover ANH’s expanding Magnesium range, following the achievement of sales milestones across its magnesium portfolio.

Ms Birkin added:

“Our magnesium range is a keystone product for ANH, attracting interest from top sellers of skincare and health products. Our new partners at API appreciate ANH’s truly authentic active natural ingredients together with a look, packaging and feel that appeals to consumers.

“To understand the market, you have to cherish your customers and deliver quality that works. ANH is building a loyal following and we work hard at communicating the magnesium message – the benefits it delivers to a broad range of people seeking relief from aches and pains, from ‘twenty-somethings’ feeling the effects of a hard workout, to octogenarians wanting to improve their quality of life.”

ANH anticipates these distribution arrangements to generate sales in the first half of CY19.